Misting - The Science of Evaporative Cooling

For centuries, warm-climate dwellers have used the principle of evaporative cooling to combat the heat. In ancient Egypt, servants would fan air over water-filled jars. American Indians hung water-soaked burlap cloth over windows and doors. Fast-forward to today, and MicroCool misting systems meld this age-old principle with the very latest technology to create comfortable temperatures for private residences, commercial venues and industrial applications all over the world.

How a MicroCool Misting System Works

How Misting Works

Misting Systems Made in USA
Misting Technology. There is a difference.

The market is awash with misting systems and, unfortunately, many companies making exaggerated claims and promises, using low-cost, imported equipment. MicroCool has been leading the way in misting technology for more than 30 years. There’s only one way to get the best value for every dollar of your misting investment: Insist on MicroCool.

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MicroCool equipment is made in the USA, to uncompromising industrial standards. Experienced design professionals create a custom solution to meet your needs. You’ll know you have the right layout, the right equipment, the perfect pump location, nozzle line height and spacing. We’ll offer you options, make suggestions, and communicate every step of the way.

Misting Nozzles
Patented Nozzles

MicroCool’s new-generation, American-made nozzles are designed to last longer and provide more consistent delivery than lesser, imported components.

  • Unprecedented versatility – Instead of having every nozzle positioned identically, the patented rotatable collar enables mist to be pointed in any direction.
  • Integrated filter – Protects nozzle from contamination in the line
  • High-volume drain valve – Nozzle line empties on shutdown to eliminate bacteria from forming in stagnant water
  • Drip-free design – The nozzle closes after operation to eliminate any dripping
  • Made in the USA – High quality, made for our demanding hard-water, desert environment
Bighorn Pump technology


Our exclusive powerful BIGHORN pump is designed to deliver economical, long-life performance. It’s packed with innovative, advanced MicroCool technology.

  • Variable speed drive – Automatically adjusts pump speed to water flow and number of nozzles
  • Compact, quiet – less intrusive, can be mounted closer to cooling areas
  • Saves energy, money – Uses in excess of 60% less electricity
  • Extends pump life – Less wear and tear on the pump
  • Inlet pressure switch – Prevents dripping
  • Pressure transducer – Maintains optimal system pressure
  • Remote switch – Ties into most pool operating systems for wireless operation
  • Drain valve – Removes water after shutdown to eliminate bacteria from forming in stagnant water
  • Built to 508 UL standard – Safety, reliability
  • Powder coated steel frame – Strong, long-lasting durability
  • 1-year warranty – Backed by responsive MicroCool service
Stainless Steel Nozzle Lines

Stainless Steel Lines

Simply put, MicroCool misting lines look better, perform better and last longer.

  • Stainless steel lines and fittings – No corrosion
  • 3/8" diameter – Creates high pressure, for smaller droplets
  • Innovative rotating collar – A MicroCool exclusive, allows each nozzle to be directed independently
  • Corrosion proof, weld-free – nozzle attachment prevents warping
  • Made in the USA – Dependable quality
  • Strength – Our stainless steel lines are tested to 3,000 psi to ensure integrity
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