Residential Misting

In the desert, your outdoor living space becomes an extension of your home for barbecuing, dining, entertaining, swimming, and just relaxing under endless sunshine and blue skies. But when temperatures start to climb, you’re forced to abandon your beautiful outdoor setting and head indoors for months on end – UNLESS your patio is equipped with the cooling comfort of a MicroCool misting system.

Residential Mist and Fog

A cool, comfortable escape – all year long.

A MicroCool misting system – also called a ‘fogging’ system – uses ‘flash evaporation’ to cool your patio areas. If you’re thinking a misting system means guests, furniture and patio areas drenched in puddles of water, you can rest easy. The secret of successful misting is to have the mist evaporate virtually the moment it meets the air.

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Unlike lesser, low-pressure systems, MicroCool fog systems use patented nozzles that emit water at over 1,000 psi, with built-in impellers that chop the resulting droplets into a fine mist that evaporates into the air before they ever reach you. It’s that evaporation that creates the cooling.
Custom Misting Nozzle Installation
Your custom-designed MicroCool fog system

MicroCool design and installation technicians are experts in identifying the perfect placement for your misters, and ensuring that they are as aesthetically pleasing as they are effective.

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Generally the fog lines, with strategically positioned nozzles, are mounted along the front or top of selected areas, so that the cool air falls down to be drafted into the patio and seating areas.

Two BIGHORN pump models are available to meet any residential need. Our variable-speed pumps are quieter and use up to 30% less electricity than conventional pump units - conserving energy, reducing your monthly utility bill, and in some cases qualifying for a rebate.

Masterful misting

Our friends at have developed this Misting Effectiveness Meter. This realtime tool will tell you at a glance how effective your misting system will be on any given day. Your MicroCool misting system can be programmed to turn off when it’s not needed – saving money, energy, and wear and tear on the system. Visit Desert Weather for more information.

Outdoor Misting Monitoring

Cool options for your cooling system

Since fogging systems work best under certain conditions, temperature and humidity sensors can be added to help you maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Handheld remote starters and surface-mounted switches give you convenient control.

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  • A Reverse Osmosis unit can be added to filter out the calcium and magnesium particles that result in “white dust” — the annoying deposits desert water can leave on furniture, windows, walkways and hardscapes. Mineral particles as small as 0.0001 microns are removed from the water before it ever enters your misting system. Preventing deposits also optimizes nozzle performance and long life.
  • An Ultra-Violet Light in the system will kill 99+% of waterborne viruses and bacteria in the water before it enters your fog lines.

Residential Misting Photo Gallery

Residential misting photo gallery

Get Inspired! Our ‘idea book’ can help you visualize ways to transform your backyard into a year-round oasis. View MicroCool residential patio and pool misting installation photos.