Commercial Cooling with Mist

When temperatures soar, a misting system is a magnet that draws visitors, makes them comfortable, and keeps them coming back. MicroCool fog systems are at work in countless commercial applications – from restaurant patios, hotel pool areas and commercial storefronts to outdoor sports stadiums and theme parks. When you provide a cool escape, it’s not your patrons sizzling, it’s your bottom line!

Misting Attracts Summer Customers

Outdoor cooling attracts more customers and they stay longer

The mere presence of a misting system will be inviting to potential customers during hot and dry summer months. And, in comfortable surroundings, customers will probably stay longer and spend more money - equalling increased revenues for you!

Special Effects Mist and Fog
Outdoor misting for special effects

Water, lighting and sound can be used to create exciting effects. Create billowing clouds or a low-lying ground fog. Fog over moving water can carry downstream to create the feeling of a mysterious rainforest. Nozzle bursts can be synchronized with music for a dazzling display. Motion sensors can set off effects when people are present. If you can imagine it, we can create it. If you can imagine it, we can bring your custom project to life!

Restaurant Misting Systems

MicroCool performance and made-in-the USA quality

During the warmer months, commercial misting systems often run non-stop 12 hours or more a day. Tough, high-quality, American-made MicroCool fog systems are built to deliver trouble-free operation under the most demanding use. Your system is designed and installed for optional performance and cost-efficiency.

Check out MicroCool’s must-have features.

  • The precise nozzle placement delivers optimal cooling for each area
  • 1000 psi pressure creates the finest mist – evaporating instantly, instead of wetting seating and sidewalks
  • Variable-speed pumps use up to 30% less electricity, conserve precious water, and experience less wear and tear

Custom Misting Options

Cool options for your cooling system

  • Zone controllers enable you to sector your fog system based on usage, since areas are occupied at varying times and occupancy rates
  • Temperature and humidity sensors ensure that you’re not running the system needlessly – so you can focus on running your business, not your misting system
  • A Reverse Osmosis unit will remove calcium and mineral particles that leave that unsightly “white dust” — the annoying deposits desert water can leave on furniture, windows, walkways and hardscapes. Mineral particles as small as 0.0001 microns are removed from the water before it ever enters your misting system. Preventing deposits also optimizes nozzle performance and long life.
  • An ultra-violet light in the system provides an extra measure of protection for patrons — killing 99+% of waterborne viruses and bacteria before they enter your fog lines. 
Commercial misting photos
Commercial Misting Photo Gallery

From restaurant patios, hotel pool areas and commercial storefronts, to outdoor sports stadiums and theme parks, misting will improve your bottom line! View MicroCool commercial misting installation photos.

Commercial Photo Gallery
Fog special effects and custom projects photos
Special Effects Fog Photo Gallery

Get creative! These installations can help you visualize ways to use special effects to create ambience while cooling your customers. View MicroCool's fog special effects and custom installation photos.